A Unique and Holistic Approach to Healing, Where Tranquility and Recovery takes place in YOUR city on YOUR terms.

With many eating disorder and addiction treatment centers located across the country, we are often asked what makes our program unique and different

The answer is simple.

We are a quality healing center located in the heart of a local community and we provide our treatments in a way that allows you to heal and thrive without having to travel far to achieve it.

IDC is extremely proud to offer quality treatment in a location closer to home for our Michigan community!  We are extremely proud to offer a full healing solution right in your own backyard!

We understand the rigors of life and the challenges of earning a living, maintaining a career, a family and an active social life, while battling illness and addiction.

That’s why we created an oasis of healing, recovery and wellness right here in the heart of Royal Oak Michigan!

Our singular model of healing is ideally suited to the rigors and realities of your active lifestyle and our effective and holistic ‘real world’ approach, provides even our higher acuity clients with the means to a full recovery right here in the community!

Royal Oak is a vibrant cosmopolitan city and our residents are an eclectic mix of professionals, students, artists, and up and coming entrepreneurs. This culturally diverse location has always been ideal for therapeutic experiences such as dining out, shopping at the farmers’ market, and trying on clothes at a local boutique.

Since our inception at IDC and with our explosive growth over this last period, Royal Oak is now equally and ideally suited for folks looking to recover from serious eating disorders and related addictions!